Kedarkantha Trek

Sankri to sankri

Dehradun to dehradun

INR : 8000/person

Kedarkantha Trek

The Kedarkantha Trek is a popular winter trek located in the Uttarakhand region of India. It takes you through mesmerizing landscapes and offers breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains. The trek usually starts from Sankri village and takes around 6-7 days to complete, covering a distance of approximately 20 kilometers. It is considered a moderate trek suitable for beginners and experienced trekkers alike. The highest point of the trek is the Kedarkantha summit, standing at an altitude of around 3,800 meters (12,500 feet). The best time to embark on this adventure is between December and April when the region is covered in snow, creating a magical winter wonderland. Keep in mind that weather conditions can be harsh, so proper preparation and necessary gear are essential for a safe and enjoyable trekking experience

Day 1: Pickup From Dehradun and drive to Sankri

  • Sankri is located at an altitude of 1920 meters and 6,400 feet.
  • Dehradun to Sankri 220km drive which will take almost 10 hours.
  • All the trekkers will be pickuped from Hotel garand which is near Dehradun Railway station at 6:30 AM in a Bolero (6-7 seaters), Innova (7 seaters), Tempotravellers (12 seaters) & Bus.
  • You will be reaching at Sankri till 05 in the evening.
  • BSNL network is not good.
  • Night stay in guest house and hotel.

Your trip will start from Dehradun for the Kedarkantha Winter Snow Trek. All the trekkers need to arrive at Dehradun before 6 am because till 06:30 am, we will start our drive to Sankri.

You need to know that the distance between Dehradun to Sankri is almost 220km which will take approximately 10 hours to reach. Sankri is located on the National Highway 123 and is a beautiful drive. While driving from Dehradun to Sankri, you will be spell-bounded with the beauty of valleys as well as forests.

Before reaching Sankri about 22km, all the trekkers will get an amazing feeling of serene Himalayas as well as greenery. You will also come across Govind National Park which is well-known for its huge collection of Flora. In this park, you will find the Flora which is available only in this region and nowhere else in the country.

Day 2: Trek from Sankri to Juda-ka-Talab​

  • On this day we will to 9100 ft from 6400 ft.
  • Trekking for 4km will take 2.5 long hours.
  • The path will pass through maple trees, oak forests, water streams, and stunning meadows.
  • Night stay in tents (twin sharing).

On day 2, you will begin the trek towards Juda Ka Talab which is located at an altitude of 9,100 feet. Till afternoon, you will cover almost 5km which takes 5 hours but this can also vary on the capability of the trekker.

Get ready to experience the diverse adventures on the trail. While walking, ice and slush might bother you a little but the guides of TrekupIndia will help you out so don’t worry.

The trek will start with a beautiful pine & maple forest that will further rise alongside the wildlife as well as pastures. As you trail upwards, you will spot some beautiful huts alongside the fields.

While trekking, you will see a goliath lake on the left and thick pine & oak backwoods on the other side which is a perfect example of beauty. You will get the Luke warm water all around the lake and the rest water will be colder.

In winters, you can see a sheet of ice instead of water, giving you an eye-catchy view. This lake also has a big natural tunnel that offers water to the villagers.

Primarily, you will be climbing through the bridges and one of the exciting things about this trek is that you will find Himalayan Languor. You need to know that they are shy animals and hardly anyone gets the chance to see them.

You might also witness boars, hares as well as martens in this region. Juda Ka Tal is a beautiful destination in the thick pine and oak forest. At night, you will be served with hot & healthy dinner. Your night stay will be scheduled in a camp where you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature’s lap.

Day 3: Trekking from Juda-ka-Talab to Kedarkantha Base (Lohasu)

  • today we will trek to 11250 ft from a height of 9100 ft.
  • Trekking for 4kms which will take time of 2.5 hours.
  • Most of the trail is on a ride and under the beautiful oak trees
  • You will be passing through some pastures where shepherd log huts can be seen.
  • Night stay in tents (twin sharing), giving amazing views of nat

Get up early in the morning and witness the breathtaking sunrise that will definitely leave you stunned. On day 3, we will begin the trek for Kedar Kantha base which is located at a height of 11,250 feet.

Kedar Kantha Base from Jadu Ka Talab is almost 4kms and it takes 2.5 hours to cover at a moderate speed. You need to know that Jadu Ka Talab is a wonderful lake that is surrounded by pine trees that often gets freeze at the time of winters and also turns out to be a spot for adventures as well as fun activities for the trekkers.

Gradually, the trail will get steeper as you keep on moving upwards. Your trek guide will teach you different skills for snow slopes, so be attentive and listen to him carefully. He might also guide you about how big your footsteps should be.

Your trekking will again start from the dense forest of pine and oak trees. The trail also passes through the steep ridges. As you gradually walk towards the path and reach a height of 10,400 feet, you will witness the snow traces that will definitely give you magnificent views of nature.

Get ready because the spectacular views are still waiting to shock the trekkers because before reaching the base camp all the trekkers can observe the stunning views of different arc-shaped ranges that are covered with snow like Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Kala Nag as well as Ranglana that are standing with great pride in the lap of Mother Nature.

At night, you will be served with delicious dinner in your tents only.

Day 4: Early Morning Hike From Kedarkantha base to Kedarkantha peak; descend to Hargaon camp

  • We Will WakeUp Early Mornig for the summit push / peak.
  • Trekking for almost 7 hours for 6kms trek
  • You will see sun rise if we reach on time to summit
  • Served with lip-smacking lunch at the camp base only
  • After lunch, descending towards Hargaon
  • For snacks time we will reach Our next Campsite Hargaun
  • Night stay will be organized in tents (twin sharing).

Day 4 is going to be a long one because you will be heading towards the Kedar Kantha peak. Today, you will be trekking from 11,250 feet to 12,500 feet and trek for almost 6kms which will be covered in 7 hours. It is necessary for you to know that the trail will be steeper, so be prepared accordingly.

At the time of trekking, you will see the magical colors of nature as well as the majestic sights of different ranges including Rupin. The reason for calling it Kedar Kantha, rumors from villagers is; 1st they tried to build Kedarnath temple in that peak but they heard some animal’s sound which means omen for a divine event.

Till then they constructed Lord Shiva’s statue till neck ad in Hindi neck is called Kanth as well as Lord Shiva has a lot of names and Kedar is one of them. This is the reason, why it is known as Kedarkantha.

In Kedar Kantha peak, you can treat your eyes with appealing views of Bandarpooch, Swargarohini, Kalanaag, Gangotri as well as Yamunotri. After reaching the summit, the captivating views of nature will definitely balance your emotion and leave you stunned.

On the top, you will also find a small temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati along with a small shrine of Lord Ganesh too. Apart from this, we will also start descending to Hargaon camp on the same day.

A night stay will be scheduled at the campsites, giving you beautiful views of valleys and nature.

Day 5: Trek from Hargaon camp to Sankri

  • Returning back from Hargaon camp (8,900 feet) to Sankri (6,400 feet)
  • Trekking for 6kms which will take almost 4 hours
  • Descend 2,500 feet through dense pine woodlands

Day 5 is marked for descending further to Sankri from Hargaon Camp. We will be descending from 8900 feet to 6400 feet. The time for descending the 6kms long trail will take almost 4 hours and even more if you follow a moderate speed.

The day has arrived when you need to leave the regal views of the Himalayas as well as snowcapped mountain ranges because we will be heading back to Sankri. It is important for you to know that the trek is going to simple as the distance is short.

Sankri is the stoppage village for several treks like Bali pass, Borasu pass, and many more. The morning at Hragaon camp is going to welcome you with a stunning sunrise right between the pine trees.

After having breakfast, you will pack your back and start descending through a clearly marked paved pathway and reach Sankri.

Day 6: After Having Last tae, coffee with us, Departure from Sankri to Dehradun

  • Back to Dehradun which is 220km from Sankri.
  • The drive will take almost 8 to 10 hours but, on the way, you will come across beautiful scenes.
  • By Tata Sumo or any other vehicle, you will be dropped at Dehradun Railway Station.

On day 6, you will be heading towards Dehradun from Sankri which will take almost 10 hours as you need to cover 220km. You will be leaving Sankri early in the morning so that by evening you reach Dehradun.

By 7 – 8 pm in the evening, you will be reaching Dehradun, so get your bookings done for your hometown accordingly.

Make sure to collect all your memories while driving back to Dehradun.

Accommodation: 2 Nights in a Hotel / Homestay in Joshimath on a triple-sharing basis. 3 Nights Tented Accommodation on a triple sharing basis.

Transportation: Surface transfer from Rishikesh – Joshimath – Rishikesh by Sumo / Bolero / Tempo Traveler (Depending on the number of travelers).

Meals: All vegetarian meals from day 1st Dinner to day 6th Breakfast.

Snacks: Morning / Evening Tea / Coffee with light snacks and soup while on the trek.

Camping logistics: Tent, Sleeping bags, Mattresses, Dining tent. 

Trek Leader: Qualified and Experienced Trek leader and support staff.

Permits: All necessary fees and permits.

Trekking Equipment: Gaiters, Micro Spikes, and Rope if required.

Safety Equipment: Basic First Aid kit with Oximeter and Oxygen Cylinder.

Guide ratio: 1:10 


5% GST

Any expenses of personal nature.

Meals during transit.

Any insurance of any kind. 

Any fees and permits (for non-Indians).

Unscheduled delay due to landslide.

Cost Escalation due to “ Force Majeure and Evacuation charges”.

Anything not mentioned explicitly in the above program.

Note: You can apply for travel insurance before the trek.


For a Himalayan trek, consider packing the following essentials:

Warm clothing (thermal layers, fleece, down jacket) waterproof and windproof outer layers (jacket and pants) sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support Backpack with a rain cover
sleeping bag suitable for cold temperatures Sleeping pad/mattress for insulation Hat, gloves, and scarf sunglasses and sunscreen for high-altitude protection
water bottles and water purification method (filters or tablets) high-energy snacks and food for the trek first aid kit with essential medications and blister care items
trekking poles for better stability and support Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries personal toiletries and wet wipes Multi-tool or pocket knife
camera and spare memory cards for capturing memories personal identification and necessary permits for the trek
remember to travel light but adequately prepared for the challenging conditions of a himalayan trek. Always check the specific requirements for the trek you are planning to undertake

Our Cancellation Policy-

Cancelling  prior 21 days from trek start date – 10% deduction charges, 90% is refunded.

Cancelling prior 15-20 days from trek start date – 30% deduction towards GST, Transaction, accommodation at Base, ration, etc.  70% is refunded.

Cancelling prior 7-14 days from trek dates – 50% deduction towards GST, Transaction, accommodation at Base, ration, Trekleaders, permits, equipment etc. 50% is refunded.

Cancelling prior 1-6 days from trek dates – 100% deduction As all arrangements are made by transhimalaya and we are set to take you on a trek.

Trek Voucher terms and Condition –

– The Voucher will be valid for 6 Months from date of issuance 

– The Voucher can be used in any trek with Trans Himalaya.

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