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Himalaya, IN - Tuesday, January 2, 2018 - One Page
Nepal ‘no’ to India on Everest

According to the first scientific measurement conducted in 1856, the height of Mt Everest is 8,848 metres. The new study will not only reveal the actual height but also show the impact of climate change on the mountain. Pic

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Nepal has rejected India’s offer to jointly remeasure the height of Mount Everest, considering the impact of a massive earthquake in 15 and will have in stock out the task on its own.

Nepal will, however, seek help from India and China in getting crucial data for the exercise, Nepal’s Survey Department’s Director-General Ganesh Bhatta said.

Sources in New Delhi indicated that China could be behind Nepal refusing India’s proposal. The Survey of India had proposed remeasuring Everest as an ‘Indo-Nepal Joint Scientific Exercise’ with Nepal’s Survey Department.

A secretariat has been program up for the work and officials said the task of measuring the height of Mt Everest will be responsible for two years and cost more than Rs Two Hundred Fifty million.

Though India offered to jointly measure the height of Mt Everest with the Nepalese side, officials here rejected the proposal, saying the realm would conduct the exercise on its own this time.

However, Ganesh Bhatta, director general of Department of Survey that is playing a leading role in the survey, contended Nepal’s decision shouldn’t be seen as a rejection of India’s offer.

“Before receiving the Indian proposal, we had already started the map to measure the height with our own resources. So there is no question of rejecting or accepting the Indian proposal,” Bhatta told Hindustan Times.

“It is a question mark of self-respect too. So we humbly declined India’s submit to become piece (of the exercise). Second, once we measure the height of Everest, the capability of the Department of Survey will be strengthened and we will have more equipment for other tasks too,” he said.

Asked if there was any proposal from China to form a junction with the survey since Mt Everest is located along the border of the two countries, Bhatta said no such offer had made been made so far.

“But they have told us that they are swift to assist Nepal at any epoch if we ought any help. If we need some help and support, we will seek support from both India and China,” he said.

In 11 Nepal had planned to measure the height of Mt Everest and allocated Rs Eight million for the effort. The labor was stopped when the finance ministry told officials not to use money for “unproductive works”.

After the terrible earthquake of 2015 and speculation that the height of Mt Everest could have been changed via the temblors and aftershocks, the government decided to quantify the world’s tallest mountain.

“The most weighty thing is the data that will come out from the survey,” Bhatta said. “If foreigners measure the data, they will only provide us the height of the Everest but (they wouldn’t) share the critical data we need. If we measure it taking place our own, we can store the data and have in stock out analysis, which will remain our property and be useful for years.”

There has also been speculation of a possible shift in Mt Everest’s arrange following the 2015 quake, but there has been no scientific research to ensure these claims.

Bhatta said it is testing for technicians to climb Mt Everest and authorities map to train Sherpa porters, who are expert climbers, to carry the technological equipment needed to measure the height. The trained Sherpas will begin the measurements during the next climbing season.

The Department of Survey will take the help of international experts and scientists in the process, he added.

To formulate the findings credible and widely accepted, tools and methods such as GPS, gravity survey measurement, vertical height measurement and mathematical survey will be used along by direct measurement and triangulation.

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