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Himalaya, IN - Sunday, October 29, 2017 - One Page

Trekking through the world’s most magnificent mountain range taught you a lot more than You ever anticipate. Pic

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1 You Can Make Friends Anywhere

I imagine the thing that scares a slice of people in relation to travelling solo is that they’ll have no one to fall back proceeding if they progress into trouble. I flew into Kathmandu with a good total of one person who I knew on the trip, and nonetheless one month later, I had an entire group of new friends from across the globe.

2 Most Of Your Limits Are Psychological

In the weeks chief up to my departure, I had countless people take its toll me that I would never effect it to Base Camp – and in retrospect, I can’t thank them enough. Every schedule I felt shut up shop to giving positive on the trek, I would imagine of everyone who was doubting me back home, and I’d push proceeding just ten minutes, one hour, one day more!

3 Take Things At Your Own Pace

For the first two days of the trek, I pushed myself to the curb trying to cling on to up with the other three community in my group. By day three, I accepted the fact that I would not be making it to Base Camp if I kept positive this way. From then on, I set my be in possession of pace and unchanging though I would roll on into each village an hour later than the others, I didn’t mind one bit.

4 Do Your Research!

Spontaneous travel campaign are all healthy and good until it’s a week before you’re as it should be to leave and you realise that instead of the 20ºC temperatures that you’ve prepared for, it will be closer to -20ºC. Cue the panicked, last-minute thermal underwear shopping!

5 ‘Switching Off’ Is Really Important

It’s not easy to get proper ‘down-time’ nowadays with our phones keeping us connected 24/7, except it’s healthy to ‘unplug’ for a while. Snowed into a little Nepalese teahouse in the middle of the Himalayas, with not anything but a pack of cards, a much-needed fire, endless cups of tea and amazing company, the lack of phone reception was the last machine on my mind.

6 There Really Is No Place Like Home

Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also a fixed truth. You never appreciate the diminutive home comforts comparable hot showers and clean clothes until you’ve trekked used for 15 days straight by no access to showers or laundries.

7 Don’t Take Shortcuts

Shortcuts don’t often pan out the feature you hope. After reaching Base Camp around midday, my group decided to try and summit another nearby mountain by taking a quicker route from end to end the avalanche situate of the one-time Base Camp. However, the shortcut turned out to be little more than unstable boulders and 70 foot crevice drops, disguised by the fresh snowfall. The group didn’t run to reach the summit of Mt Kala Patthar, except instead were satisfying to make it back to our rest house alive.

8 Spontaneous Plans Are Often The finest Plans

Think it, hardback it, do it! We were making the most of a wedding greeting free bar at what time my cousin suggested to me that we give Everest Base Camp a crack, and as a result what else was there to do but lock it in right at that moment and there!

I admit, I was a little concerned at what time I woke positive to the trek confirmation emails the next morning, except now I have that moment of impulsiveness (and a few too countless glasses of wine) to thank used for one helluva narrative to tell and life lessons to boot.

Asha is an ugly-jumper enthusiast who is loving studying English and Media at University of Western Australia. She’s reliably late to everything and spends all her currency on poorly-planned trek adventures.

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