Russia Tourist Invitation

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Russia Tourist Invitation


  •    Persons: Max 20

  •  Duration: 1 Days
Trip Cost per pax
5,000 INR

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          Endurance : Easy         Starts/Ends : Russia/Russia         Max Elevation : 5600 m

  Trip Summary:

A tourist invitation for Russian Tourist Visa is the easiest and cheapest type of Russian visa to get. It is a single entry visa invitation valid for the specified duration of your stay in Russia, up to 30 days. Visa support documents for Tourist Visas (Tourist Confirmation and Tourist Voucher) are accepted by most Russian Consular Departments as faxed or scanned mail copies. Do you want to find out how to get a Russian visa for citizen of India? If you are going to visit Russia, you will need to apply for a visa, without which the entry is prohibited. The process of obtaining a Russian visa consists of some steps. Before you go to the Russian Embassy in India, fill in an application and pay the consulate fee, you need to obtain a Russian visa invitation from the host side. This document is needed both for tourist and business visa. We make this process very simple.


  •  Book Here for request to get Russian Invitation Letter

  •  Fill up your details

  •  Make Online Payment. All international mode of Payment Accepted

  •  We will send Russian Invitation Letter to your email . Contact separately on email for changing the Hotel Name on Letter.

  •  Take the Print

  •  Go to Russian consulates or designated VISA center after applying online on their Portal

  •  Submit the document and Pay the fee to get your Russian VISA on Passport (Normally it takes 3-4 days)



  • VISA Invitation Letter on Email
  • Your choice of Hotel Can be Printed on Invitation Letter
  • Only for Visit Period 1 to 15 Days


  • VISA Processing at Embassy.
  • You have to take print and go to embassy personally to get VISA

Must Know:

Migration card: Upon entering the Russian Federation, you must complete a migration card. If applicable, visitors will be required to indicate their visa information on the migration card. Upon arriving at your destination in the Russian Federation, the migration card should be presented to the host party (hotel, private accommodation owner, etc.)

Visa Registration: All foreign travelers staying in the Russian Federation must be registered with the Federal Migration Service in the city or region where they are staying within seven days of their arrival.

If you are travelling on a tourist visa and staying in a hotel, the registration process is normally completed by reception staff on the first day of your stay, and all that you will need to do is provide them with your passport and migration card The same should be true if you are renting an apartment through an agency. If you are traveling on a business visa, the company inviting you is responsible for registering you, while if you have a private visa, then the Russian citizen who invited you will need to register you. Registration can be completed by them at local branches of the Federal Migration Service or any post office, and again they will need your passport and migration card to complete the process.

If, for whatever reason, your accommodation provider is unwilling to register you (despite their legal obligation) there are always agencies in large cities that will register you for a fee.

Extras for the Package:

For More than 15 Days tourist invitation letter contact on email

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